Dustin Roe

Cranbrook, British Columbia
Dustin Roe has faced off with everything from stone sheep and mountain goats to moose and caribou, but that’s just a typical Tuesday when you’re a high-end mountain hunting guide. As the youngest member to be accepted into the Guide Outfitters Association of BC (GOABC), Dustin has gone on to guide over 200 successful hunts spanning from the Yukon and Mexico to New Zealand and Alaska — because sitting still isn’t in his line of business (unless of course he’s glassing up a big ram). Beyond guiding, Dustin runs one of the biggest hunting concessions in BC and dedicates his time and effort into hunting conservation efforts — we couldn’t’ be more proud to call him one of our own.
What goes through your head when you first wake up in the morning before you hunt?
How can I make the most of the day, eliminate unnecessary risks, take care of my guides, and put my clients on animals.
Where is your favourite place to hunt?
Northern British Columbia.
Tell us a favourite story from a day out hunting.
I think the last 14 years of struggles and successes combined have made me who I am today, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I feel like the best is yet to come.
How do you up your game year after year?
Always strive to be better, learn from experience, and never quit.
Who are your heroes? Who do you look up to?
First off, my dad is the greatest influence on me, and has been my entire life. I don’t have a “hero” because I don’t want to be like anyone else.
What part of you, or what you do, reflects a spirit of restlessness?
I own my own hunting outfitting business, Backcountry BC and Beyond. The motto of our company is “do whatever it takes”, and this has been my personal motto for my entire life. We approach every day with this mindset, and provide our clients with the most fulfilling experiences possible.
If there is any love-hate relationship with any aspect of what you do, can you describe what that is?
I enjoy “Type II fun”. That is, during the moment, it is miserable, but in retrospect it’s fun. It’s the type of fun that you never want to have again, but I find myself coming back for it more and more.