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A Prayer for Joshua Jackson Race car driver Joshua Jackson went through something that would break even the toughest of souls, and somehow came out even more determined on the other side.
Featuring: Joshua Jackson Run time: 22 minutes
Lean Against the Wind Conquering a 45 mile stretch of stacked waves, crashing currents, and blistering winds — 13 times with just a paddle in hand — is just one way Lauren Spalding is considered a champ.
Featuring: Lauren Spalding, Mike Spalding Run time: 12 minutes
Sandbagging Jimmy Chin Jimmy Chin has done it all: climbed and skied Everest, crossed Chang Tang Plateau on foot, and won an Academy Award. But “getting barreled” still wasn’t checked off on his bucket list — until now.
Featuring: Jimmy Chin, Keith Malloy, Dan Malloy, Jeff Johnson, Jon Rose, Mark Healey Run time: 11 minutes
Finding Ground From a 12-year-old boy with his first skateboard in Liverpool to a 43-year-old professional skater turned hunting guide in California, Geoff Rowley is anything but typical.
Featuring: Geoff Rowley Run time: 11 minutes
Mothered by Mountains A man’s place is on the mountain, a woman’s place is in the home. That’s the message Pasang had always heard but was never willing to accept.
Featuring: Pasang Lhamu Akita Sherpa, Sareena Rai Run time: 16 minutes
Kekoa “The noise was deafening, the shaking unimaginable. It was as if a freight train was barreling through the house.” When it was all over, Hurricane Irma had laid waste to St. John capsizing every catamaran on the island but one — Kekoa.
Featuring: Jamison Witbeck, Ryan Witbeck Run time: 30 minutes
Ingrained Growing up as a ranch kid in Wyoming, Mark Carter was raised on small-town realities like fixing a fence and branding cattle. Not exactly a typical candidate for a professional snowboarder.
Featuring: Mark Carter Run time: 8 Minutes
Ridge of Dreams When permit issues throw Zack and Zack a curveball, they’re forced to make a decision that could put them in trouble with the law, permanently alter their relationship, or both.
Featuring: Zack Giffin, Zack Barrett, Sean Dog Run time: 25 minutes
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Maybe we aren’t all anglers, or cowboys or pro snowboarders. Most of us will never paddle the open Pacific Ocean, or grapple with the responsibilities of being a parent and a Sherpa. But we can all understand strife, loss, drive, family, accomplishment in the face of doubt, and pursuing what makes us feel alive. These short films are those stories, our stories. This is YETI Presents.