• What is the waterproof and dustproof rating?

    The product meets both IP65 and IP67 international standards, which is used to define levels of sealing effectiveness. IP65 means a product is protected against a blast of water, while IP67 requires a product to be dry 30 minutes after being submerged in 1m of water.

  • What makes each size different?

    The size of the cargo box you need mostly comes down to a matter of preference for your pursuit. But if we had to distill it down, the GoBox 15 is the perfect size to keep essentials dry, the GoBox 30 fits anything ranging from climbing gear to a camp pantry, and the GoBox 60 is big enough to be your personal gear locker.

  • Do the Goboxes stack on top of each other?

    Stackability is a key feature of our LoadOut GoBox family. Two GoBox 15s fit on top of the GoBox 30 and three GoBox 15s or one GoBox 15 and one GoBox 30 fit on top of the GoBox 60.

  • How many caddies fit in each gobox?

    The GoBox 15 fits one caddy, the GoBox 30 fits two caddies, and the GoBox 60 fits three caddies. Each GoBox comes equipped with one caddy.

  • Is this product a cooler?

    No, it is not designed to be used with food and drink. If you're in the market for a cooler, check out our Tundra® Hard Coolers or Hopper® Soft Coolers.

  • Are Tie-Down kits compatible with the gobox?

    Yes, you can use YETI's Tie Down Kit on each GoBox size.

  • Is there a warranty?

    Our GoBox's come with a five-year warranty. For more details visit our Warranty Information page.

Measurements & Specs
External Dimensions

26.9 cm x 37.3 cm x 28.6 cm

Internal Dimensions

21.7 cm x 30.0 cm x 21.9 cm

Empty Weight

3.4 kg